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Success Stories



We asked learners why the literacy program is important to them. This is what they said:


“Coming to APNLC has helped me to learn how to relate with different people from different backgrounds and culture.”


“I like that I can take things slow and go at my own pace.”


“When I first started at APNLC I could only write my name. Since I have been attending the adult literacy program I have grown more confident in myself.”


“Today I can read out loud in front of everyone and get through it. If I make a mistake, it is okay. I just keep trying and do not give up.”


“Literacy is important in my life because it has made me a better reader, an awesome speller, and I’m learning new things as the days go on during my time in class and in my personal life.”


“When I started...I never asked for help in any situation...however, it wasn’t long before I realized I need to come out of my shell and ask for help...things took off from there. I started asking questions and I was able to find the answers, I started doing presentations, I developed new skills. I have met some amazing people and developed lifetime friends. I am not afraid of failure anymore because I have confidence.”


“It helps me release my emotions. It helps me gain confidence and it makes me believe in myself.”


“I am meeting some new people who are very positive in my life. The school has a very good impact on my life: now I am making my dreams come true.”


“It is important to me to effectively connect, interpret and discern the world in which we live.”


“Coming to APNLC has been a great experience for me in many ways. The experience I have gained from coming to the program has been life changing. The growth that I have achieved has taught me to take many steps, steps that will help me outside my comfort zone.”


“Literacy goes beyond the ‘typical’ reading and writing. Literacy to me also involves physically touching something, learning from nature, using my imagination...learning of cultural and non-cultural beliefs and even math. Discussions go beyond the classroom including work places and social media; therefore, literacy is important in my life for everyday living.”


Money Matters is a free financial literacy and education savings program for adult learners developed by ABC Life Literacy Canada with Founding Sponsor TD Bank Group and the Government of Canada.

Money Matters brings TD Bank Group volunteer-tutors into community learning centres across Canada to teach numeracy and financial skills. Learners get great financial literacy tips and resources and learn more about education savings opportunities available from the Government of Canada.